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The US Debt Ceiling; When to Compromise

It is really unfortunate what is happening these days in the US! No, allow me to rephrase that, it is a SHAME!! It is a shame because it is turning to be an ugly and silly showdown of power between the two major parties of the country, and on the expense of whom? the American people, and do not forget … the rest of the world!

Or let’s put it in other words, it happens that the major economic power of the world, the economy that is strongly tied to the well being of this whole globe, is at the center of a furious game, between the hands of reckless players, just to gain some political points!

Anyway, this is not my point of the post, I just wanted to highlight that we could be witnessing a historical moment here. A moment of rise … and fall! You do not have to take my word for it, tune in to any news channel and you will get a glimpse of the heat, or use the power of the social networks and see this hash-tag created by Jeff Jarvis (#fuckyouwashington) to see how the people of the US are reacting to this situation.

However, such events should not pass by with some lessons learned, and one of them is to know that there is always a common ground, there is always a way to compromise, but this ‘always’ has a critical condition; the well being of the group is far more important than the well being of any part of it.

This is not a new invention, the win-win situations, the art of negotiations, … etc are all stressing the importance of compromise, to think of the larger goodness and see beyond the immediate and temporary benefits! It could be happening at home, with your friends, your clients, your customers, your coworkers … etc.

I know .. phrases and concepts of greater good and thinking beyond the immediate results are starting to sound strange on the ears and hearts in a world that is inclined more and more to be self centered around a group of people, around individuals!


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